It is never easy making hires, especially in an industry that specifically caters to and cares for vulnerable populations.

Though it is easy to assume those applying for jobs at organizations that serve special needs want to be helpful, there are nefarious people out there looking to cause harm.

For that reason, thorough background checks are a critical part of the hiring process.

Choosing the Right People

Vulnerable populations have many opportunities within Pennsylvania. There are many services available, and they range from community homes (with more or less than 8 people), family living situations, and vocational facilities to day training services and intermediate care facilities.

Those are wonderful environments, but it is always important to ensure the people running and working in such places are of sound character. That is where a well-developed screening system comes into play.

The Benefits of ProVerify

There are many rules and regulations (such as ARC 6400) in place to protect vulnerable populations in Pennsylvania. However, there are times where they simply aren’t enough.

ProVerify is here to spot red flags and keep workers honest.

This service thoroughly aids the set-up, coordination, and management of all details for background screening services to ensure that those working with compromised or vulnerable populations only have the best intentions.

One wrong hire can not only cause harm, but it can also put your organization’s entire reputation at stake. ProVerify prevents such issues and lets you truly know who you’re hiring.

How the System Works

ProVerify is an excellent tool for criminal background checks on those working with mental or physically disabled individuals because there is nothing it can’t catch.

The system checks through a range of updates that drastically improve upon old methods. That includes automatic tracking to see when someone’s background check needs to be renewed, customized screening, simple reporting, and easy organization.

It also provides searches and details from PA Access to Criminal History (PATCH) Criminal Clearance, Federal FBI Fingerprinting Criminal Clearance, Professional References, Employment Physicals, PA ChildLine Criminal Clearance, Commercial National Criminal Investigation, National Sex Offender search, and more.

It also gives you full managerial control and makes it so that you can stay on top of everyone’s renewals within your organization.

True Peace of Mind

ProVerify is a quality system that can save you time and money. It also ensures you’re making the best possible hires, which goes a long way towards knowing your company is in good hands.

All of that is then packaged inside easy-to-use technology that can be set up and running in no time at all. If there is ever a problem, the great support team is also ready to answer and address any questions you might have.

Routine background checks are not always enough, especially when dealing with vulnerable populations. Rather than making a costly mistake, take the time to do the extra research. Or, better yet, have ProVerify do it for you. Check out what ProVerify can do for your industry.



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