As an accredited company with the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), we are very familiar with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), state laws, EEOC guidelines and other relevant laws and regulations. We operate in full FCRA Compliance with these laws and guidelines.

Our Compliance Department stands ready to assist you in navigating the complex patchwork of laws and regulations. Members of our Compliance Team are recognized experts and have achieved their advanced FCRA Certification through the PBSA. Most importantly, we will conduct routine audits surrounding the use of consumer reports and background checks in order to be proactive in correcting any potential violations. In addition, ProVerify does not outsource any verifications to overseas call centers. We are dedicated to keeping all personally identifiable information in the United States.

ProVerify’s dedication to compliance is reflected in our PBSA Accreditation. To become accredited, ProVerify’ had to pass a thorough on-site audit of our policies, procedures and best practices. Clients can feel confident that the program at ProVerify has been independently audited and found to be of the highest quality in regards to our commitment to data security, FCRA compliance, service quality, and minimizing workplace risk.

Is Your Current Background Screening Program FCRA Compliant?

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USA-based compliant background check provider for 25 years.

ProVerify adheres to the following guidelines to ensure our FCRA background checks are entirely compliant.

Over the years, we’ve seen the pendulum swing in two vastly different directions. First, global background check programs were very US-centric. They were driven by the US region who determined the requirements, the programs, and the process. Once defined, it was rolled out across all other regions.

Regions outside the US really struggled to meet the requirements and implement a program that was defined with only the US in mind. With major differences in every country from culture to local laws to languages, every region was struggling to adapt to the US-defined program. There was a lot of frustration among businesses, and regions pushed back on these compliance requirements.

This led to a geographic-centric model, where every region defined their own requirements along with their own process and programs. While this model provided autonomy in every region, with the ability of each region to develop a program that complied with their laws and requirements, this new arrangement also created its own set of challenges. Organizations did not have consistent policies across the globe and could not manage criminal background checks at a global level.

Finally, the industry has settled on a hybrid background check model, which has been very effective across the globe. While there needs to be a consistent set of requirements and standards supported across the organization, they also need to be developed with an understanding of all the regions in which they will be implemented and supported.

Today Proverify works with our clients to develop a single center of excellence, where the requirements are defined globally; however, while the center of excellence is physically in one location, it also includes representatives from every region to ensure that every region’s nuances are accounted for.

While there are many differences in criminal background checks across regions, there are many aspects that can be made consistent regardless of local laws or culture. It is important that an organization define a global program with a single framework by defining those attributes that remain the same, and implementing them effectively across all regions while managing globally. This includes:

  • Goals and objectives aligned with corporate values regardless of region or location;
  • Common set of defined terminology to enable organizations to have the same language and promote conversation globally across the organization;
  • Consistent client and candidate experience – regardless of country, every hiring manager is following the same process, and every candidate is leveraging the same software.

Conversely, there are many differences across regions within the program execution. That’s why the program must support flexible execution of the framework across regions.

For example, a single platform can be selected and rolled out globally. While every region is leveraging the same provider, software, and user interface, the interface can include variability in the candidate questions in each region, and the interface language can vary as well based on region.

Another example is that businesses must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR is a regulation in European Union (EU) law covering data protection and privacy. While the US has sector-specific laws and state-level legislation around data protection, the GDPR was designed to harmonize data privacy across the whole of the European Union, allowing citizens to better control their data with a need for privacy by default and giving individuals the right to request the deletion of their data, with businesses facing significant fines if these obligations are not met.  However, regardless of the data collected, or the candidate questions asked, the experience remains consistent. The data (albeit different data) is presented in the same way, the same governance structures are defined around decision making, and the same terminology is used across teams.

Therefore, a global organization’s program, products, and technology all need to be flexible and dynamic to account for the cultural and legal differences within a consistent framework and experience.

We understand that every employee and new hire contributes to the unique culture of your organization. That’s why our global background checks and identity services are differentiated by unrivaled client service and deep market expertise to help you make confident hiring decisions that strengthen your organization and culture.

A Background Check Program Is Never ‘Set It and Forget It’

A global background check program is no different than any other aspect of a modern hiring program in that it constantly requires tweaking as legislation changes, technology advances, and new data becomes available. As a result, the ProVerify Client Success team partners closely with clients to provide regular guidance, best practices, and recommendations. We are continually learning and adapting, as well as adding new products to support our clients