Why Partner with ProVerify?

We empower employers with the tools, information, and technology to improve hiring decisions, reduce liability, and create safe workplaces.

We’re a Dedicated Team Who Truly Cares About Your Success

We are a passionate, knowledgeable team of experts with a service-first culture ready to serve you and your retail candidates.  Whether you are running seasonal retail background checks or hiring long-term employees, our system helps streamline the screening process.

Our accurate background checks help you minimize retail theft, improve loss prevention and risk management efforts, and reduce high turnover.

From ensuring compliance and data security to always having a positive attitude, ProVerfiy  is dedicated to conducting fast and affordable retail background checks so you can make smarter hiring decisions.

The retail industry has one of the highest turnover rates at nearly 60%. With the ever-changing landscape of retail, it can be difficult to retain top-performing employees who are experienced and committed to providing high-quality customer service. Moreover, the retail industry also experiences a high rate of retail theft by employees. This is why retail workers need background checks.

Optimize your time and money with iProVerfiy’s fast, reliable, and FCRA-compliant retail background check solutions. Our tailored packages fit your unique needs so you can hire the right candidates every time.