A lot of companies out there claim to offer comprehensive and thorough screening for human resources. But can these companies be trusted?

It’s always a good idea to check a company’s credentials before making a final decision. For average people, it’s difficult to gauge a background screening company’s reputability.

That’s where the NAPBS comes in.

What Is NAPBS?

Founded in 2003 as a not-for-profit trade association, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) strives to maintain standards of excellence in the background screening industry. (NAPBS, n.d.)

NAPBS represents the interests of over 900-member companies providing screening services for potential tenants, employees, volunteers, and more around the globe.

Going a step further, NAPBS offers training and education programs to empower their members to better serve their clients and the community. NAPBS also serves as a unified platform for members to help develop local, state, and national regulations and standards.

Before choosing a background screening company for human resources, make sure they’re NAPBS accredited. Membership with NAPBS offers a level of consumer protection in such a competitive (and potentially malicious) market.

How Can a Background Screening Company Get NAPBS Accreditation?

Gaining accreditation is no easy feat. NAPBS has a rigorous application and auditing process along with strict policies and procedures. This helps ensure the integrity of the association as a whole while protecting the personal information of tenants, employees, and the like. (NAPBS, n.d.)

The rigorous NAPBS accreditation process involves submitting a lot of paperwork, passing a desk review as well as an onsite review from an auditor, and gaining approval from the official Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC).

The auditor and BSCC take many factors into consideration before deciding whether or not to let a company join their prestigious organization. A prospective company must submit documents for review that cover all of the following points. (BSCC, n.d.)

  • Information security

  • Legal standards and company compliance

  • Client education

  • Researcher and data standards

  • Business practices

  • Verification service standards

ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification Earns Re-accreditation

ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification understands that employers, government agencies, and organizations have a lot of choices in terms of screening companies. That’s why ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification is proud to say they’ve achieved re-accreditation as of February 2018.

Every year, thousands of employers, agencies, and organizations across the United States request millions of consumer reports to process applications and assist with business decisions. It’s important for these entities to abide by federal regulations and labor laws. (EEOC, n.d.)

ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification wants these entities to feel comfortable knowing they’ve made the right choice for their screening needs. Furthermore, clients can feel secure knowing that ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification has NAPBS accreditation because it means their data is secure away from malicious prying eyes.

This serves as a “seal” of approval for ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification’s commitment to industry excellence and integrity.

Don’t Trust Background Checks to Just Anyone

There are a lot of dubious companies offering background check services. Always look for the NAPBS seal of approval before making a final decision.

In need of screening services for human resources? ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification’s solutions are tailored for specific industries to manage everything in one convenient location.


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