ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification is conducting market research to assess the viability of offering onsite FBI fingerprinting services to improve the screening experience for employees and volunteers. The employees and volunteers associated with this research are among the highly regulated industry groups required by law to complete criminal background screening clearances.

After partnering with The Forbes Fund, The Pittsburgh Foundation, BNY Mellon Foundation and The Heinz Endowment in 2015- 2016 to invest in bringing our service offering to the non-profit sector, ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification looks again to invest in our service offerings to deliver the best to our clients and the communities around us.

ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification is reviewing a substantial financial investment in creating a new onsite fingerprinting division within our organization. This service would allow for fingerprinting machines to be mobilized to a desired location. It is our vision to optimize an organization’s ability to screen employees and volunteers in a more efficient and streamlined manner.

The questions in the survey will provide greater insight on how this investment can be mutually beneficial for all organizations involved. We invite you to answer the following questions. We plan to publish the results of the statewide survey on our website.