How the Process Begins

The process starts with one of our clients filling out an interest form for Digital Fingerprinting Events. This form will go to our team and we will reach out to discuss services and schedules depending on your flexibility. We will then create a formalized agreement about the terms and conditions. Contracts and SLA’s are then signed.

As a Client

A client is defined as someone who is interested in scheduling a digital fingerprinting event with ProVerify. We will come to the client’s location and fingerprint their workers and volunteers.

As a client, you will provide a roster for the expected applicants of your digital fingerprinting event. Every applicant will have a file created and uploaded into the ProVerify system. All of our clients with the appropriate subscription level will have access to their applicant’s clearances electronically. Otherwise paper copies of finalized clearances will be provided to your organization.

Every time ProVerify receives a new clearance for an applicant, their file will be updated. If you are not an active user in our system, we can schedule a meeting to discuss subscription levels.

The Professional team at ProVerify will work with you to ensure your event is a success. This starts with step one in identifying the employees or volunteers within your organization that require screening. This list of identified individuals is referred to as a roster.

When the roster is accepted, we will reach out to your attendees via email and phone call to fill out the necessary registration form.

Once the registration form is filled out, we will coordinate the necessary clearances

As an Applicant

Our team will reach out to you by phone to inform you that you will be receiving an email with a link to an application.

Once you have filled out that application, our support staff will be contacting you to help coordinate any clearances you may need. That phone call will be followed by an additional email with a link at the top that will take you to our website to schedule a 10-minute time slot.

On the Day of the Event

Applicants will show up to the event 10 minutes before their time slot with the appropriate ID and get their fingerprints taken by our helpful staff.

Applicant’s FBI clearances will then be mailed to us within 2-3 weeks following their appointment.

This process makes getting your FBI fingerprinting clearance fast and easy. It also gives you piece of mind that your organization is up to date on its compliance.